ADR Arbitration

ADR is the alternative dispute resolution method. we can serve dispute resolution with a range of processes around your needs.


Descrpition of tools:

- Select the most appropriate process
Helping parties decide which process will most effectively resolve the their dispute.

- Approach the other parties 
Because of our neutrality, we can approach all parties to gain consent to the process.

- Select a neutral 
The choice of neutral rests ultimately with the parties, but we are able to provide advanced matching due to our detailed and up-to-date knowledge, including client feedback

- Administer the process
Depending on the process you choose, the experienced team will sort logistical arrangements and provide advice and support where required.

Ensure quality control
After each mediation we seek feedback on the process and the mediator's performance.

Through CEDR you can provide free downloadable documents under




including Model Mediation Procedure and Agreement, Model ADR Contract Clauses and Model Settlement Agreement