CV Lawyer Stefano Papa

Via Emilia Ospizio 12
Reggio Emilia (RE) - 42100 - Italia




  • Specialized in international law since 1985 at Advanced Legal Studies ( London) producing a degree thesis for Parma Law University on "Protection of citiziens and lawfull use of force abroad". 

  • I have matured experience as lawyer practising since march 1987, in international Law (specialized at Studio Legale Bisconti London grant by UE programs in contract Law). 

  • Selected from junior UN programs of UNHCR after a 1 year course for Diplomatic Career in Florence ( selected admittance) 

  • Then I worked from 1993 to 1998 as expert in international Law for Italian National Board of Architects at Architect's Council of Architects ( Brussel) for the influence of UE directives and political direction of corporative interests. Called as expert in construction law from UE in sector' study. Publication on certification of qualities, construction in europe, international protection of intellectual rights, co author of CAE White book of Architecture, some public lessons at University. Practising as lawyer for international companies .

  • Fluent in english and french. Knowledge of informatic technologies for use of pc, word processing and internet utilities. 

Member of EEIG ELAH Reggio Emilia Paris Brussel Frankfurt 

NAME: Stefano Papa 
ADD:: Via E Ospizio 12 
CITY: Cap 42100 Reggio Emilia (ITALY) 
TEL/FAX: 00/39/522/455290 FAX 541784 
AGE: 36 
MARITAL: married 


  • Nov 90 Lawyer title

  • Giu 89 Comett grant from UE professional specialization in Contract and international law (london Studio Legale Bisconti) 

  • Apr 89 Patrocinatore legale ( first lawyer practising) 

  • Apr 88 Seminar and selection UNHCR Rome ( successful examination) 

  • Jan 88 Title for the finalization of Ist. For Dipl. Career in Florence ( Ist Alfieri) 

  • Mar 87 Law Degree Parma University 

  • Jul 81 High School diploma (56/60) L: Ariosto Reggio Emilia

Comptences: Lawyer in international law; specialized in human rights, contracts and trade, intellectual rights protection, costruction and assurance sector. Diplomatic skill studies. Fluent english french. 
Credentials: Italian Professional Board of Lawyers 
Consiglio Nazionale Architetti 
Presidency of CUP National Interprofessional Authority 
Computer and software: word7, windows 98, lotus systems, excel + graphics software, internet mail, and network law data bank systems IBM Compatible and Macintosh


  • Jul 99 Law Firm ordinary job since 1987. Supervising three persons. Personal earning 70.000 US dollars ( equivalent) p year. 

  • Sept 92-Jan98 law foreign consultant for Consiglio Nazionale Architetti( National Board) Consultant for Consiglio Nazionale Architetti per abroad at Consiglio d'Europa Architetti. Delegated law expert to attend Permantent commissions at Consiglio Esecutivo e Assemblea Generale CEA. 3000 US dollars p month. 

  • Aug 95 European Architect/ Client contract standard elaboration with Lawyers of CEA. Standard of italian contract for professional to be assured for Public Works Competitions. 

  • Mar./Jul. 95 Study and realization of Insurance national convention for professional liabilities. Study about mutual assurance for CNA professional architects. 

  • Mar. 95 Sector Studies of UE on construction, called from UE Commission for a study as delegated by Conseil of European Architects on professional liability of professional of costrcuction sector. 

  • Nov 89/ 92 Legal consultant commercial contracts Law companies: SEF , Gi & Gi,Giza, Unigiza, Gizimpresa, RCF, Sagip Mangimi spa, Suime srl, Sef, Selene spa,Sicma spa. Fininfo (RE), Soluzioni Informatiche (PR), Open (BO) Procurement Law aspects for PHARE programs (for GIZA company) and other International Organization Proigrams. 2000 US dollars p month. 

  • Sett 92/ 93 Legal consultancies for liquidations of companies Seminar for software law at Assoft Milano, e directive CEE 91/250. 

  • Jul/Ott 89 Trade Directors Overseas Ceramiche Rondine Group (Reggio Emilia) 1000 dollars p month 

  • Jan/Aug 89 Specialized with Comett grant of UE at Studio Legale Bisconti in London(commerciale law ,contrat,mergers adn acquisition international Law) 

  • Apr'87/ Apr 89 Law Practice at Studio Benassi- Cadoppi, Reggio Emilia, where get the title of patrocinatore legale. 

  • Mar 87 UNHCR seminar and selection 1987 as JPO.

Professional background experiences

  • Giu/ Jul 1988 French language course at MC GillUniversity of Montreal ( Quebec) 

  • Apr 1988 UNHCR seminar and selection, succesfully assigned to Lima (Perù), headquarter for America Latina. Job rejected for personal reasons . 

  • Jan 1988 Ministero Affari Esteri, 18 months course for Diplomatic Careerper Carriera Diplomatica, Istituto Alfieri Firenze ( selected admission national based of 20 people each year ) 

  • Dic 1986 /'87 Army service in Carabinieri Corp. 

  • May/ Ott 1986 Degreee Thesis for University of Parma faculty of Law at Advanced Legal Studies ( Londra 

  • Sett 1985 English Languange and comparative Law course at De Paul University Chicago Illinois(USA) 2008 Associated with the European Court of Arbitration



  • 92-96 publications about liabilities and assurances on technical professionalsin construction sector and UE law on the national officiale Consiglio nazionale Architetti magazine del "l'architetto" . 

  • Jan 96 membro del GEIE European Lawyers Association, international network oflegal experts for construction sector 

  • Sept 95 Consiglio Architetti d'Europa :"Architecture tomorrow" autore de " i contratto europeo architetto cliente, e " studio sulla responsabilità nel settore costruzione". 

  • Jun 1995 Pirola-Sole 24 ore " certificazione di qualità degli studi di progettazione- profilo giuridico-" 

  • Feb 95 Hoepli editor: "Manuale di Tecnica edilizia vol VI : 

    • a)" esercizio professionale nei paesi EU"- (coautore) 

    • b)"esercizio professionale nei paesi extra EU"- c)"Protezione internazionale dell'opera di ingegno del professionista tecnico". 

  • Jul 94 UE Commissions- "Syntesis of previous studies on construction sector about profesionals liability in Europe in order to review UE Directive 

  • Jan 94 Bauverlag (GER)- " Guida alla proprietà immobiliare in Europa" sezione Italia, with legal consultant of Nationa Architect Board and Int Organizations of CAE 


Mother tongue Italian. Fluent English and French. Good scolastic knowledge of Spanish. (Old greek and latin knowledge, useful for the language roots). 



  • Feb 97 Convention on Aothor Rights in Architecture, At Avvocatura dello Stato Roma, speach and study on International Conventions of Protection on intellectual rights . 

  • Jan 96 University of Milan, Politecnico, Faculty of Architettura. 

  • Convention on Professional in Europe", European framework of professional opportunities" 

  • Dec 95 Ordine architetti di Bologna: speach about Architect profession and law of sector " 

  • Mar 95 delegated by Conseil d'Architecte d'Europe to seminar UE on construction sector 

  • Sept 94 1^ convention italian architects, Carrara, speach about european sector legislation 



  • No relatives are employed by a public international organization. 

  • No restrictions that should be taken into account in connection with your employment with the United Nations. 


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